graffitiweek: trains

pair2I’m a firm believer that awesome typography is all around us. Sometimes it’s hiding in the most random places and you have to consciously look for it (manhole covers), sometimes it’s right in front of your face telling you where to go (wayfinding signs). I have found when it comes to graffiti, there are two obvious places it is bound to be: under bridges and on trains. Here are two pictures of graffiti spotted on the sides of trains. Big thanks to Kathryn Van Aernum and Will Kesling for sharing their pictures with me. I find that I look at typographic graffiti (like the 2 examples above) the same way I look at words written in other languages. I focus more on the shapes that are created and the colors that are used instead of what it says. I truly appreciate it for what it is. It’s art.

I can’t read them. I don’t care. They’re beautiful.


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