white on black

Today I’m pairing two very different examples of white lettering from two very different cities. When I was driving around Greer, I came acorss the Greer Opry House. If you don’t get that Greer is a teeny tiny southern town, you’ll get it after these pictures. All of these letters are hand carved (omg) out of wood and than nailed onto wood and then mounted onto the wood siding. That’s a lot of wood! Here’s a shot of the building from the front:1A close up of the sign:
And some close ups of the various signs along the front wall:3
I’m not sure what’s going on with these next two pictures. I literally don’t know what to say:6
Here are some close ups of the letters:8
In stark contrast is this beautifully cut script lettering. There’s so much energy with the curves of the letters, they just look so happy. They might even be in love. Is that a heart for the dot of the i? Awww.1 close up

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