yellow letter day

pairI love being passionate about something that most people don’t give a rat’s ass about. It fits my personality and who I am. I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t one of the millions of young girls who was crushing hard on New Kids on the Block (hello 1984!). If you’re rolling your eyes in disgust, you’re right there with me. But I realized pretty early on, going with the flow of the general population wasn’t really my thing. Typography is this perfect little pocket of awesomeness that just clicks with me. When I meet people who also fit in this pocket of awesomeness, I automatically feel an instant connection. Mårten is one of those people that’s in the pocket. I was lucky enough to receive a ton of pictures from his travels and they are all fantastic. Thanks Mårten for sharing your pictures!
(The only thing missing from the paragraph above is a unicorn jumping over a glittery rainbow. Pocket of awesomeness?! wtf?!)

Those crazy letterforms totally caught my eye with his picture taken in Brooklyn. Not only the letters, but the way they are haphazardly placed…throw in a rainbow umbrella sticking out of an orange cone, that car (which I’d be willing to guess has drugs in the trunk or knock off Louis Vuitton bags) and an American flag and this picture is pretty much solid gold. Here’s another angle:
marten thavenius 1a keys brooklyn nyThese letters are out of control. Seriously. I want to yell out to that poor girl walking “Look up! For the love of God…LOOK UP!!!”

<and breathe>
I took the picture in Richmond while walking the streets and while the letters looked almost edible, I was not digging the font choice for bicycle…but then I saw this:

agee's 2…and that’s how an apostrophe can save a sign. Holy hell that’s a beauty.

Are you in the pocket of awesomeness? I’m here @nikki_vz if you want to bounce some type love around.


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