pairOne of the things that I have found with my letterhunting is that it really pays to walk in back alley’s and around abandoned buildings. Is it creepy? Sure. But I have found some killer typography so I power through the creepiness. These 2 pictures are a great example of amazing typography that I have found in the midst of creepiness. Do you care that it was super creepy circumstances? No. Look at those letters! Totally worth it. (Click on the picture for a better image)

The picture taken in Cuyahoga Falls is on the back of a building that’s a hardware store. I think this sign is absolutely beautiful. The whole sign is awesome but the word ONLY literally took my breath away.

I was in the booming metropolis of Greer, South Carolina (that’s a joke for those who aren’t familiar with the teeny tiny town) and passed by an abandoned car dealership. I went walking around and on the back of the building saw this sign. Like the sign from Cuyahoga Falls, it literally took my breath away. I absolutely love it. I may have tried to take it*.

*I really need to start carrying sign-stealing tools around with me. Dang!

Have you been able to brave the creepiness to get pictures of awesome signs? Tweet me your pics @nikki_vz to be featured in an upcoming post.


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