manhole (meter) monday

pair It’s Monday which means manhole’s are involved. Hooray! Today I’m pairing 2 water meter covers that totally caught my eye. I’m usually not a fan of type on a curve but this one is done so well. I also am totally digging the random shape the type is set in. Here’s a close up of the water. Someone took a bite out of that R:

close upchomp chomp!

The picture taken in Greenville literally stopped me dead in my tracks. How do I know this? You can ask the 2 people that crashed into me when I stopped (I apologized and explained I just saw something I needed to take a picture of. I then got the look of death. Sorry! Jeez! Look at the word meter!).
For all of the type lovers out there I say: LOOK AT THE WORD METER!
meter close up
There is so much attitude going on with these letters. That R is about to unleash one heck of a sidekick. This is my favorite manhole cover I’ve come across. so freakin’ awesome.


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