layered typography

pair 1I have always found structural signs like these that sit on top of buildings so interesting. They are usually pretty hard to read because the letters from the opposite side are distracting, day or night. But, the layered texture that is created with the typography and the grid like structure is just beautiful. I took the picture in Richmond in the early morning hours after my talk. This was my hotel room view. Here’s another zoomed in picture:
1I have found signs like these are getting harder and harder to come by so when I see one, I get super excited. I was in Columbus, OH a few weeks ago and was strolling around the downtown area. I turned a corner and stopped dead in my tracks. The picture above was how I saw it first. Hard to see I know, I walked towards it to get more shots:
2This sign is not double sided so it’s much easier to read. Even without the additional layer of letters, I think the structural grid is so neat. Here’s one more super zoomed in shot of the beautiful letters (and is that a foot mark for an apostrophe?!):
3As an additional side to today’s post, I think it’s interesting to note that local newspapers are usually NOT unique to the city they are in. Here are a couple more examples of nameplates used in other cities:
pairMike Parker has written a really interesting article for The Font Bureau about the history of newspaper mastheads and why they look the way they do. Definitely worth a read.


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