type on glass

pair 2It’s fun what you can notice when you are stopped at a red light. Enter Exhibit A from Arkon. I totally did a double take when I laid eyes on this beauty and did a silent “shut up” to myself when I realized what I was looking at. I pulled over and took a few pictures of this amazing handiwork. Hand rendered type on glass is incredibly hard to pull off and have it look decent. When I saw the words sprawling across three windows of glass with tons of room, I thought about the menu crammed on the glass in New York City. Once again, such an awesome cultural influence. The tall slender shape of the glass and the way the letters are so tightly crammed is SO Manhattan. Space is hard to come by (in stark contrast to Akron) and it is used so well at the entrance to this restaurant. Here are some close ups of the the two pics:

akron glass 1

I’m totally crushing on this ampersand:
akron glass 2The change in type style is just so perfect, if I ate meat, I’d be all over those Tenders on Thursday.
akron glass 3Ummm, omgggg if I had to do this, amazing:
nyc glass close up


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