pairToday’s pairing is an example of typography taken in two different cities that just look like they go together. I took the picture in Richmond first. I thought the illustration and type was really interesting, I wish they were interacting better with each other though. The above picture is the side of the building, here is a picture of the front:

What caught my eye was how the type actually looked edible, if that’s possible. I thought the overlapping of the letters on to themselves (the T, p, a, G and r) was unique. There’s definite character and personality going on with these letters. Here’s a close up:2 I took the picture of the Coffee Emporium in Cincinnati a few months after seeing The Compleat Gourmet and they just made a pair in my head. If The Compleat Gourmet had offspring, I’d imagine it’d look like Coffee Emporium. Here’s a close up:

3In true offspring fashion, the letters take more risks, they have more style and break more rules. Both are really unique examples of typography in two different states.


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