street signs

street signsStreet signs are one of those things that is in our everyday landscape that is very easy to not see. We seem them, but don’t really SEE them. I’m as guilty of this as the next person but I have really made an effort to notice street signs, especially when they are as beautiful as these. Big thanks to Sarah Jaffray for sharing her picture taken in Granada, Spain. I get lost within this sign looking at how expressive the letterforms are. This is such an interesting sign, I wonder if there are others nearby that are designed in a similar typographic fashion. That P and S need to get a room already. For real.

When I was in Cincinnati this past summer, I was stopped at a red light and my eye caught the type within this building. The picture above is how it looked as I was sitting in the car (I’ve got typographic radar eyes to be able to spot this. I know. Don’t hate.) I zoomed in on these bad boys:

close up1Does this work as a street sign? Probably not so much. Is it a beautiful, unique example of typography? Hell yes.


One response to “street signs

  1. I love the street signs embedded into old buildings at intersections. We have one on our corner that has the former, forgotten name for our street — I’ll have to snap a photo for you some time.

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