fire, hair or wings?

For anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time knows I get super excited over hand drawn type. I think what gets me really fired up is when I see examples where the artist has taken liberty to put their own personal spin on the letterforms. This Edgewood Tires sign is a perfect example of what I love and what I dislike all in one sign. I was crossing the street in Atlanta on my way to see the graffiti at the Krog St. Tunnel and looked to my right and this lettering totally caught my eye. I was so impressed with those letters I stood way too long in front of them looking at the details and taking pictures. It looks like the first letters of each word are on fire? Or have crazy hair? Or wings! If I had to guess (here comes a made up story to suit my typographic needs. deal.), I’d say Edgewood Tires started out as its own small business. They weren’t making enough money and wanted to capitalize on Mr. Edgewood’s brother’s neighbor’s dog sitter’s ability with keys. So, they joined forces and became Edgewood Tires & (Your Certified) Locksmith. Since there was room on the sign, the Locksmith bit was added after the fact…obviously…and it’s horrendous. It’s interesting to see the two different type treatments together. Which do you think is more interesting?

I think Mr. Edgewood is pretty bad ass. Here are a couple of close ups:

This one is my favorite. I just love that E. It has so much character and energy. Not to be outdone, the T:
Here’s a close up of the letters:Back at it on Monday! Happy weekend!


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