something’s fishy

Today’s post compares 3D typography. The picture taken in East Sussex, England is the De La Warr Pavilion. I thought the style of the letters and the spacing was really interesting. Here’s another picture I found of all the words. I like the zoomed in artistic approach of this picture though.

I compared it to a picture I took in Newport, Kentucky. We were at Newport on the Levee which is an outdoor entertainment and shopping complex and came across this aquarium. I’m all for aquariums…except for how much they cost to get in. For real.
Here’s a picture of the whole sign from the front:

Instead of selling my 2nd born to afford to get inside, I took a picture of her outside underneath this awesome, and very flexible, shark:

I love their type choice. I could go swimming with this Q:
It seems I’m not the only one with that idea! The flexible shark has gone where no shark has gone before. Love the O(‘s):


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