theater signs

I love today’s pairing because it’s such a great example of how cultural influences affect design choices. Big thanks to Mårten Thavenius for sharing his picture taken in San Antonio. Both of these signs are outside theater’s that have live shows. The sign from San Antonio has a very Texas/South Western feel to it. If I didn’t put the city name under it, it’d still be fairly easy to guess what region of the country it belonged to. The decorative elements at the top and bottom give it away…Not to mention the word AZTEC. In stark, contrast is the AGORA sign that lives in downtown Cleveland. Here’s a close up:

If these two signs switched cities, they’d both look totally out of place in their surroundings. Did the culture of their surroundings play a part in the design choices that were made? Were these choices intuitive or deliberate?


If you’re around tomorrow afternoon, tune in to Design Recharge with Diane Gibbs, she will be interviewing me live (oh god) from 2:30-3:30 ET. I will be nervous talking about my crazy love for typography, how this blog came to be and answering any questions that viewers have. Hope you can join in!

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