Akron, OH                                                               Columbus, OH

Continuing on with my theme of ghost signs, I’m pairing two signs that are clinging on for dear life to abandon buildings. I love signs like these. Can you imagine what these signs looked like brand new?! But, I think the worn type and rusted metal are just beautiful. Here is a close up of the sign from Akron (pagers available?! that’s so 1994!):

As for the beauty in Columbus…I still can’t believe how awesome this sign is. Obviously I’m nuts for the type but the colors, the worn metal, the light bulbs…that CLOCK! I took several pictures (of course):

All of these pictures above were taken on one side of the sign. I didn’t even think to walk around to the other side. What was I THINKING?! As I drove away, I noticed that the other side was lit up! LIT UP!!! *face palm* lesson learned. I did the best I could from a moving vehicle:

Am I off base calling these ghost signs?


One response to “{ghost}signs

  1. I love them as well — it’s like they are orphan signs as they are still attached to something that is no longer there to claim them back. Great captures of a time now lost.

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