ghost sign{s!}

I thought it’d be interesting to do a week’s worth of posts focusing on the different types of ghost signs I have come across. When I first learned the term ‘ghost sign’ it was in reference to a hand painted sign on the side of a building that no longer advertises what business is inside. They have since become a favorite of mine to photograph mainly because the typography is so unique.

So, I will start this week’s post with what I’ll call a ‘traditional’ ghost sign pairing:

I came across both of these ghost signs by foot (thankfully) and stood in front of them for a long time studying their details before taking the pictures. I was (and still am!) so amazed at the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into these signs. The picture from Richmond is located on the left side of the building but there was another one on the same side but at the opposite end. Here are a couple of close ups of that one:
In stark contrast to the script type style in Richmond, is the very bold serif type treatment in Cincinnati. What I love about this one is the complete disregard for a baseline. It seems the artist painted the C and all the other letters were centered horizontally based off of that one letter placement.
Of course I had to zoom in on that ampersand. And I’m so glad I did. I didn’t even notice the triangle above it until I studied the picture on my computer. So. Freaking. Awesome.
Are you going to try to convince me that there isn’t a bracket and comma under the word painters?!
Did you think I wouldn’t notice?! I see you, friend:

Happy Monday!


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