graffitiweek: girls

It’s #graffitiweek ! A whole week dedicated to graffiti! Big thanks to Craig Hazan for sharing his picture taken in Brooklyn. Craig sent me this picture awhile ago and it’s one of my favorite street art pictures. It’s just beautiful. I’ve kept it stashed away in my ‘graffiti’ folder waiting for the right picture to come along to compare it to. When I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend some time at the Krog Street Tunnel (if you’re ever in the Atlanta area, go there!). This tunnel is amazing and always in a constant state of change which makes it truly unique. I took a ton of pictures but these girls are my favorite. The minute I saw them, I remembered the girl in Craig’s picture. The Krog St. Tunnel girls are shouting and I imagine would look like the girl crying red tears if they don’t get their way. Here’s a close up:

See any awesome street art in your area? Take a picture and tweet it to me @nikki_vz and use the hashtag #graffitiweek to be used in an upcoming post.


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