I have never started a post with a zoomed in picture of a sign. I always start with the sign as I saw it and then follow up with zoomed in pictures. However, today is a special day. I walked past this crazy sign for psychic readings in downtown Cleveland and couldn’t believe how awesome it was. I zoomed in and took pictures before taking pictures of the whole thing. The first picture I took was this close up of Special. Look at the dot of the i, it’s a star! awwww. The word Welcome got my attention next. The letters are just so happy to be together you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside. Then I noticed that crazy K. I thought, what the heck is going on with that K?! What’s her problem?! She looks pissed, frustrated, like she’s rolling her eyes. Then I realized the double L treatment that came before her. The freakin’ word is misspelled! I didn’t even notice the misspelled word until I saw the K all pissy.

I can’t imagine anyone who loves type to not stop dead in their tracks if they walk past the sign from Columbia. That S looks like a 5! Crazy S! I get the same warm and fuzzy feeling that I got from Welcome. These letters are a little bit more jostled but it’s such fun lettering. I guess we know who the black sheep in this family is (hello e!). It’s just such a great sign, with the exception of those stickers. Stupid stickers!

I’m 5’7″ and the sign is roughly my height. Here’s the whole sign from Cleveland:

Warm and fuzzy letters:

Here are a couple of close ups from the sign in Columbia:


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