sign madness

I was in Atlanta, Georgia a few weeks ago and, as usual, was very fortunate to be able to have some time to walk around and take pictures. When I was going through my pictures when I got home, I realized I had a ton of parking/directional signs. I thought they’d make a neat post all together.

What I loved about this No Parking sign was the rust and what it had done to the letters. Throw in some graffiti and I’m pretty much in sign heaven:

There’s so much craziness on this pole I couldn’t believe it! If I’m driving in a car, am I supposed to be able to navigate through all of this?!
Stickers, anyone?
Senior Zone?! Say what?!
This is my favorite picture of all the signs. I love how the graffiti looks like it’s being towed away.
I don’t even know what this is:
I took a close up in the hopes of understanding better. Still clueless.
Altered stop sign:And I’m ending with the most confusing of all:
I took a close up to make sure I read it right…HUH?!:


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