I have always loved the zoo. Especially since having kids, I think I get more excited going than they do! Whenever we go to a new city, going to the zoo is always top on our list. When we were in Cincinnati a few months ago, this was literally our first stop. What you CAN’T see in this picture is how insanely hot it was, how my kids were literally melting before our eyes before even entering and (my personal favorite) my daughter wanted to be held in over 100 degree weather. Never a good combination. What you CAN see from this picture is how freakin’ awesome this sign is…and that ampersand. What a beauty.

Thanks to Marvin W. Smith for sharing his picture taken at the Bronx Zoo. I love how both signs are all uppercase and tightly kerned. They each have unique characteristics that make them stand alone, such fun signs. Here are some close ups:

& ! :

And another sign from the entrance:

Love this:


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