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Today’s post is fun because the image from Arizona came from an unlikely source. I was at work on a Tuesday and got an email from my boss titled Culture and Typography that read ‘thought this was cool!’ with an attachment. I was blown away that he took the time to snap this picture for me knowing that he was feeding into my passion for type in other cities. Not only that, I would have totally taken the same picture. Even though I’ve never been to Arizona before, it feels like the southwest. The building, the lights…not sure what’s going on with that crazy B and Y but it’s a fun image. Even their website feels like the southwest! Thanks Jim, for sending me this picture.

I wanted to compare Jim’s picture to a picture of a restaurant that was unique to the city it’s in and far away from Arizona. I immediately thought of the famous Gray’s Papaya. I first heard of Gray’s Papaya from the 1997 movie Fools Rush In when Salma Hayek’s character special ordered them for Matthew Perry’s character. 3 years later, I was living and working in NYC and this place was ALWAYS packed whenever I walked by. I’m usually not a fan of lettering like this but I have always loved this sign.

When you’re hungry, or broke, or just in a hurry! No Gimmicks! No bull! Love it! Here’s a close up of that Y:

I think this Y steals the show. To quote Jim, I think it’s cool!

See any fun type pics in your city? Tweet them to me @nikki_vz to be used in an upcoming post.


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