brass quotes

I thought the following pictures made an interesting follow up from yesterday’s type in the floor. These examples of typography are the same idea for a much different reason. Yesterday’s type advertised a place of business, today’s has more to do with making a statement. Big thanks to Kelly Luckett for sharing her pictures taken in Madrid. The following quote was taken from The Telegraph:

Bookshops and bars flank the narrow streets leading off Plaza Santa Ana in the Barrio de las Letras. Look up as you walk around to see the plaques showing where Cervantes, Lope de Vega and other Golden Age writers lived, and look down to see quotes from their books and plays inlaid in brass letters in the paving stones.

In Greenville, SC there is an inscription at the base of the Gen. Nathanael Greene monument, “I will recover the country, or die in the attempt.” Reportedly said by Gen. Greene in the fall of 1780, before he took southern command of the Continental Army from Gen. Horatio Gates in Charlotte, NC. Gen. Greene’s statue is outside the Greenville News building in Greenville, SC.

Here’s a neat 360 degree shot of the monument (of course I chopped him off and zoomed in on the type. Sorry Gen. Greene!).


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