Manhole Monday

Here’s another addition to The Manhole Project. I know this whole theme is nerdy. It’s ok, at 35 years old, I have come to terms with my love for anything to do with typography. Especially typography that has a cultural reference. I have realized that manhole covers have very specific typography and design based on where they are located. I think these two examples are awesome. I love the abbreviations on the one from Cleveland: Foundry –> FDR’Y and Ohio just gets a beautiful O. You won’t find a manhole cover like this anywhere else in the world, except for Cleveland, Ohio. I love that.

Here’s a close up:

Same can be said about the manhole in Atlanta. You won’t find one like this anywhere else in the world. Here are a couple of close up’s:

See any interesting manhole covers in your area? Take a picture and tweet it to @nikki_vz and we’ll include it in our collection.


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