graffitiweek: ladies

Since yesterday was all about the dudes, today is all about the beautiful ladies. Another pairing I felt just went together. Big thanks to Margot Swift for sharing this amazing picture taken in Athens, Greece. I am just not used to seeing images like this on the sides of buildings. I just love the colors and the way she is positioned on the building. Imagine this building with nothing on the side, how boring it would be. This is just a piece of art.

I compared it to a picture that Will Kesling sent to me which was taken in New York City. This little girl looks like she could be the daughter of the woman in Margot’s picture. A completely different mood is evoked from Will’s picture but I’m still taken aback at how beautiful the image is. That piece of wall would be so boring if it weren’t for the beautiful flying girl.

See any graffiti in your city that is worthy of #graffitiweek? Take a pic and tweet it to me @nikki_vz to be included!


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