windows through letters

I can’t think of a better way to start off this week than with a little ghost sign action. How awesome are these?! The picture taken in Cincinnati was a fun find. We were driving down a street a few blocks away and I saw this:

I stopped mid-sentence from whatever I was saying and said “I see you Q!”. My husband pulled into this parking lot and waited for me as I went running after my pot of gold. Man is it a beauty. As I hurdled the concrete wall behind that white car like the Olympian sprinter that I am (que the music!), this was the next shot I took:

So, so awesome, right?! I couldn’t wait to see the whole thing. The last picture I took was the one at the top of this blog post. The windows busting through these beautiful ghost signs are heartbreaking but at least they are still there. The picture taken in downtown Greenville says Harper Brothers Supplies set in (what’s left of) a beautiful script.

See any ghost signs in your city? Take a picture of them and tweet them to me @nikki_vz before they go extinct!


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