hand painted perfection

Man, where to begin? I’ll start by thanking Ian Caulkett for sharing his picture taken in Barcelona. I think it’s so beautiful. I just love the lettering, especially the word over the door. Can you imagine the nightmare involved in making that look as awesome as it does?! I love the change in type from all caps sans to lower script and I REALLY love hand painted type on concrete. This is an original. Even if there are other stores by this owner in other places, this hand rendering is one of a kind. The amount of character that this facade embodies is amazing.

I thought Ian’s picture from Barcelona made an interesting comparison to a picture I took in Tequis. When I first saw this lettering I thought what a disaster! After walking past it a few more times, it kept catching my eye. Let’s be honest, those quotes are to die for:

While the lettering is wonky to say the least, it’s all hand painted on textured concrete. No small feat. Not only that, the kerning is not bad considering the craziness of the letters varying widths. Does it have the character of the picture next to it? Not really. But I do have equal amounts of respect for both artists who crafted the signs.


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