I love this pairing. Two different lottery logos in two different states in two different parts of the country.

Big thanks to Erik Marinovich* for sharing his picture taken in Portland. What caught my eye about Erik’s picture is how simple and clever the illustration is and how well it goes with the type below it. Pairing typography with illustration is not easy to do. This one is done remarkably well, it’s almost unnoticeable. I love how tight the kerning is with the letters. It’s like they all have their arms around each other for luck. Such a fun mark.

I was in downtown Cleveland last weekend and came across the Ohio Lottery logo in a store window and immediately thought of the logo in Erik’s picture. What’s fun about the logo designed by Michael Valenti is how he took the state’s abbreviation from OH to OH! with a single punctuation mark. No tight kerning here. Instead, they are all leaning in anticipation waiting for their number to be called. It’s such a fun logo and has so much energy.

See any fun typography in your city? Of course you do. Take a pic and tweet it to me @nikki_vz so it can be featured in an upcoming post.

*If you aren’t familiar with Erik’s work, spend some time on his site. I guarantee you’ll be blown away and inspired by his talent. He’s co-founder of Friends of Type (another killer site and the fellas who introduced me to #FontSunday) and Title Case a lettering and design studio he shares with fellow letterer Jessica Hische. Inspiration overload!


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