To continue from yesterday’s post about the same type of business in two different states, I love this example of two different Joe’s in two different states. Both red lettering, both mounted in a similar fashion but two very different typographic styles that evoke very different moods. EAT AT JOE’S. Sans serif. Strong. You get in. You get out. It’s good food. No messing around. Period.

Free crab tomorrow?! (say what?!) Are you looking at that apostrophe?! You know I had to zoom in on that bad boy. What a devil.

Joe’s Diner in Cincy is all about flair. There’s probably music playing inside. You might have to wait a bit for your food but it’s totally worth it. The waitress/waitor’s are chatty and forthcoming with details about their private life but yet are very personable.

This r should win an award.

For real.

I did not enter or eat at either restaurant. My impression is based solely on the mood the letters in the logos create. Find any moody type in your city? You know what to do. Take a pic and tweet it to me @nikki_vz pronto!


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