red letter day

How beautiful are these letters? When I first came across these pictures, I only saw each letter. It wasn’t until I was putting this post together and I actually read the words. I was so mesmerized by each letterform and how they seemed to effortlessly flow from one another, reading the word was secondary. Big thanks to @ouicc for sharing such an amazing picture. I researched the Film Casino online and based on another picture, the word CASINO lights up in different colors. Look at the dot of the i! Ahhh, I love it. The F is just amazing. They did a great job pairing and placing the word CASINO I think. This is such a piece of art.

The beautiful red letters from Vienna reminded me of a picture shared by Catherine Flood taken of the oldest Italian Cafe in Melbourne, Australia. Look at that P! And that arrow! I wanted to see it lit up, because let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?! It’s even more beautiful. See for yourself.

See any red letters in your city? Take a pic and tweet ’em to me @nikki_vz


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