environmental typography

I love these two examples of typography using nature to form the letters. The picture from Cincinnati was taken on the University of Cincinnati campus in front of the School of Architecture. It’s hard to tell in this picture but the kerning of these letters are pretty much perfect. I haven’t been shy about expressing my love for weather-worn typography, but these two examples are a different take on that topic. It would be neat to photograph these shrubs over time as they grow and the letters lose their shape. It reminds me of Stefan Sagmeister‘s amazing installations that he’s become known for.

On a road trip several months ago, we were driving through the great state of Pennsylvania and stopped to get gas. As we were pulling away, I looked out the window and snapped this pic. I know, it’s super hard to see what exactly it is I’m photographing. If you click the picture you’ll see it says YEP-YEP written in rocks. YEP-YEP! I love it!

That’s my motto for the day: YEP-YEP!

Come across any environmental typography? Snap a pic and send it my way @nikki_vz !


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