graffitiweek: chills

To kick off this month’s #graffitiweek, I’m breaking format. But it’s necessary.

As I was going through my folder of graffiti pictures to pair for the posts this week, I realized I had duplicate pictures. This gave me chills. Not only are they the same picture, but it’s obvious that there is some kind of time lapse going on. I LOVE this vandalism wall. I think it’s so beautiful. If I had to guess, I’d say Sam Robert‘s picture on the right was taken at an earlier date compared to Joe Sutter‘s picture. The grey wall looks more faded and the colors don’t look as bright. Look at the trash can!


Another interesting note that I realized: there is a piece of graffiti on the wall of the building to the left in Sam’s picture. Sam sent me a full shot of that graffiti which turns out to be on top of a ghost sign. WHAT?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! As you can imagine, my head blew off my body when I realized this.

Don’t get me started on this picture. Graffiti on top of a ghostsign?! Thanks so much Sam for sending this in. So fitting coming from you 😉

Moving on for more head explosion. I had become a fan of Matt Siren when I saw his work used on an episode of HGTV’s Home by Novogratz (which has quickly become one of my favorite shows). He had tweeted this picture below a while ago and I had asked him if it was ok to use here on my blog. He very kindly agreed and I have been saving it for just the right post. A couple of weeks ago, I received a batch of graffiti pictures from my friend Will Kesling as his contribution to #graffitiweek. This was one of his pictures. Here they are side by side:

It looks like Will’s picture was taken sometime before Matt’s. It has evolved and been added to by the time Matt took his picture. Big thanks to Matt and Will for sharing their pictures. Each of these pictures would have been fantastic on their own, but pairing them with their counterparts somehow makes them more special.

I guess this was bound to happen, I just wasn’t expecting it.

Keep the #graffitiweek love coming. Tweet me your pics to @nikki_vz with the city it was taken in.


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