For my 1ne post today, I’m going with this building in downtown Cleveland. There is so much goodness going on in such a small space I had a hard time taking it all in. It reminded me of New York City, all packed into one beautiful building. I love all the little details that make this building unique…starting with the numbers. All of the buildings on this street handle their address numbers very differently and unique from each other. It’s pretty interesting. Here is a close up of the number of this building:

They look so happy and round! That 1 needs to get a bit closer to his buddy’s there but I’m totally digging the way the address is handled. Numbers hand painted on glass? YES! Here’s a close up of the store front window. I love the colors and the way the first line is handled differently than the second line. Look at the and! What a little firecracker! I have nothing but respect for hand rendered type. This is no exception:

So as I’m snapping away taking pics, I’m totally convinced that Ram’s is the neighborhood electronic store that has been around since this building went up. They are the original tenants and can tell you stories of other businesses that have come and gone around them. Well, that story was blown to bits when I captured this little gem 2 floors up above the main door:

Last time I checked, dresses and blouses were not sold in an electronic store. Who cares. That L should win some kind of prize. Seriously. Check it out:

You can see Dresses and Blouses above the windows in this pic. I took this picture because I thought the word RAM looked pretty random where it was and how it looked painted over. The current business is Ram’s Electronics but I can’t help but think this business is named after the building and not the other way around.

I love Cleveland. There are so many amazing finds like this sprinkled throughout the city. If you catch yourself doing a double take at some typography as you’re going about your day, please stop and snap a pic and send it to me @nikki_vz I’d love to see it.

Next week I’m bringing back #graffitiweek! A whole week’s worth of posts dedicated to street art. What’s not to love?! Send your graffiti pics to @nikki_vz as you happen upon them. Hope the weekend treats you right.

Back at it on Monday!


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