city signs

Have you ever noticed the signs that mark the entrance to a city? They’re pretty fascinating and almost always are unique to that city. Here are 2 city signs from 2 different states. The picture taken in Newport is right outside an outdoor shopping mall that’s called Newport on the Levee which is right on the border of Kentucky and Ohio. There’s my guy again looking less than thrilled…but I had to do something to spice up this picture. The gears are pretty interesting, but I don’t really have much to say about the type. Blah. Newport on the Levee was opened in 2001 and is named after the levee that it rests on. woo!

Cuyahoga Falls is the city I currently reside. The city was founded along the Cuyahoga River waterfalls that provided power for manufacturing. Originally, the town was named Manchesters but the post office wanted to rename it since several Manchesters already existed. It’s a very small, quaint town and I think that is reflected in this city sign.

Tweet me your city signs @nikki_vz as you come across them!


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