How awesome is this guy?! He’s wearing the letter K! He looks like he should be on an episode of Sesame Street.

I thought this group of pictures would make a good 1ne post today. This is several shots of one building in Pittsburgh, PA. I thought Mr. K was just hilarious. He’s so…strong! and yet his shoes are so…tiny! Look at the size of his hands! and his neck! wait, he doesn’t have a neck! This building is right off the highway as you are coming into Pittsburgh. This side of the building faces the street that runs parallel to the highway, so it’s their main entrance. 

Here’s a close up of those badass letters:

These next 2 pictures were taken from the side of the building that faces the highway (this sign is all hand painted!):

Mr. K doesn’t look as happy in this sign, or as strong. Poor guy.

So, his name is “Big Nick” and yet the K is for Knickerbocker…hmmm. There’s a disconnect somewhere in there but I’m going to let that one go.

Here’s how they mark their service doors. I love how they stay consistent and keep the chunky, bold style for the numbers:

It’s the weekend! Tweet me pics from around your town to @nikki_vz and I’ll put them to good use! Back at it on Monday!


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