two on one

Repurposed signs are awesome. Especially once weather has had a crack at the paint to reveal what has been suppressed underneath. Sorry for the shoddy job I did taking the picture in Pittsburgh. Stupid sun!

The sun was setting (obviously), the kids were in the back seat screaming (can you hear them?) and our car was getting honked at to move it along. I didn’t care, I couldn’t pass this one up…so this was a drive by shooting. Here’s my attempt at a close up:

I’m loving the effect the two toned colors has on the white letters, it actually makes them show up better. The storefront sign is pretty rad too:

That pixelation effect over THE and under CO. are glue spots from where the black panels fell off but it adds an interesting visual element I think.

Here’s a close up of the front of the sign taken in Akron:

And this is the other side of the sign:

I can’t make out what the sign once said but it currently is a building for Interbelt, which is a night club.

…and for a total buzz kill, this is their *new and improved* sign:


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