train tracks

What do these pictures have in common besides blue skies and train tracks? How about some random cars! This is what happens when I’m hell bent on taking pictures and there are other people in the car with me. Sorry for the cars distracting from the AWESOME TYPE. What’s interesting about the picture from Richmond is that this the only place in the US where three train tracks cross the same spot on different levels. It’s called the Triple Crossing. I thought that was pretty neat. Here’s a close up of the sign:

Here’s a couple of close up’s of the signs from Pittsburgh. Please keep in mind these pictures were taken by my husband who is still trying to make sense of my love of type (thanks babe!) going 70mph:

Here’s another close up from the other side:

I love the way the rust stains create a crazy drop shadow effect.

Weather + Type = A Winning Combination. Every time.


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