concrete letters

I thought these two pictures made an interesting comparison. Big thanks to The Counter Press for sharing their picture taken in London. I don’t think I have ever seen concrete lettering quite like this. The thickness of the letterforms and the way they are joined together is pretty amazing. Especially the last 2 letters. It looks like a whole new letterform! They could’ve hinted at a separation between the I and the T before the concrete dried, right? Not your typical wayfinding sign.

I found this News Stand lettering in Pittsburgh and was immediately reminded of the Exit sign in London. When I first saw it, I thought wow! Look at that 3D lettering! It’s so smooth! How did they get the concrete to react that beautifully? But upon closer inspection, I realized it’s not 3D, it’s where 3D letters used to be. Someone took the letters down when the news stand closed and this is what was left. Kinda gross to know that’s dirt outlining the letters, but who cares. It’s pretty amazing. You can see the drill holes from where the letters hung. Here’s a close up:

Find any interesting typography in your city (heck yeah you do!)? Tweet me your pics @nikki_vz to be included on my blog.


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