This comparison gives me goosebumps. I just love it. Two tailor shops in two very different parts of the world. Thanks Jackie Mok for sharing your awesome picture taken in Morocco! What first caught my eye was the crazy drop shadow. I think the artist really took his time crafting the beautiful letters in that bright blue paint knowing that it’d get people’s attention. It probably took him much longer than he thought but he didn’t care, it was done so well. Then his brother’s, aunt’s, neighbor who has a friend that’s an “art director” told him that it was good but he needed to “make it pop” so the artist went back and added in the red drop shadow. I have no clue about the story of this sign, but that’s how it goes down in my head. An interesting note about this sign, there are 3 languages present here: French, Arabic and English. The line above welcome says men & women. Look at the attitude with that ampersand! Such an awesome sign.

In a much different style is the Pittsburgh sign I snapped a few weeks ago. I’m all about zooming in these days when I can. Here’s an up close and personal shot:

No doubt this drop shadow was very intentional and part of the original design. What this sign lacks in kerning (holy hell it’s bad!) it makes up for in charm. Is it me or is the R in TAILOR about to make a move on the P in SHOP?!


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