graffitiweek: dudes

Well, this week has been shocking! Over the weekend, I thought it’d be super cool to devote a whole week to graffiti. The only problem was that I only had a handful of my own pics. A few tweets, facebook messages and emails and BOOM! I now have over 80 pictures from all over the world lined up and ready to be used! #graffitiweek will live on once a month! This blog is SO much more fun when it’s a collaboration. Thank you to everyone who has been sending in pictures. That being said, I often come across a picture on twitter, facebook or blogs that I just instantly fall in love with. I will never use a picture without the photographer’s permission, so I get in touch and hope for the best.

So, you can imagine my reaction when I was flipping through facebook yesterday and saw David Carson‘s picture taken in Lisbon, Portugal. I fired off a quick “pretty PLEASE” and thought yeah right, that’s a long shot. I’m not going to embarrass myself (or him) with how much his work has meant to me in my career but I will say it’s VERY cool he was willing to share his picture for the sake of my blog. Thanks so much David!

What I love about David’s picture is the boldness and simplicity of the image. How do you not fall in love with this dude?! I mean his hair alone. So so awesome. Speaking of hair…or lack of hair…check out jealous dude in Athens, Greece. Thanks to Margot Swift for sharing this awesome pic. He looks like he’s yelling all sorts of profanity when we all know it’s about him not having hair. Grow up! We don’t care about your non-hair! I guess what he lacks in hair on his head, he makes up for in facial hair? The interaction between the two pictures for me is what seals the deal. They are both awesome on their own but put them together and it’s solid gold.

I’d also like to thank @lettercult for sharing my blog yesterday as their {site of the day}. If you are on twitter (of course you are) and you don’t follow them (hello?!) do it. Now. It’s a great source of inspiring links that get published regularly.


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