graffitiweek: the writing on the wall

Due to the (awesomely) overwhelming response, I’m thinking #graffitiweek is going to have to be a monthly thing. So, if you submitted a pic this week and it’s not used, have no fear. I will use it soon! It’s actually a lot more difficult for me to pair graffiti pictures because they are each so beautiful by themselves. But, I will persevere! On to today’s post:

I thought these pics looked interesting side by side. Thanks to Catherine Flood for sharing another awesome pic! This one was taken in Benghazi, Libya. It is Tifinagh script which was suppressed under Gaddafi. These artist would risk their lives just to make a statement. I would love to know what it says. It looks like such a simple statement and it’s done so well. If I had to guess, I’d say this was done on the sly, in the middle of the night with no one looking. I thought the quiet letterforms from Benghazi complimented Will Kesling‘s picture. Thanks Will for sharing your picture! Obviously the artist in New York was not suppressed. It looks like they had time to figure out the placement of the letterforms and use of color and I highly doubt this was hastily done in one night. Not only that, the artwork is proudly on display with lights.

I love the Banksy-esqe silhouette:

A close up of Will’s shot:

Find graffiti pics in your town? Take a picture before they get covered up and tweet them to me so they can live on forever! Tweet them to: @nikki_vz with the city they were taken in and use the hashtag #graffitiweek


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