graffitiweek: the skeleton did it

I love graffiti. This is no secret. I have decided to dedicate an entire week to this art form just on my sheer love alone. If you see any awesome graffiti in your area that you deem blog worthy, tweet them to me @nikki_vz and I’ll post them! So, on with graffitiweek (yes, it’s one word):

Huge shout out to Catherine Flood for sending in her pic taken from the Grand Union Canal in London, England. I absolutely love it. I love the fragmented letterforms and the way they fit together. I cannot imagine freehanding this with spray paint. I have such respect for this kind of talent. When Catherine sent this picture in, I immediately thought of the skeleton I found on the University of Cincinnati campus. Here’s a close up of the handsome fella:

How cute is he?! His name is Spitane and he’s standing meerkat style!!! Look at his little feet! Ahhh I love it so much. Something about this pairing just fits. File it under ‘intuitive pairing’ on my part. It loos like Spitane crossed the ocean, did a little illegal Grand Union Canal graffiti and then hopped back to his spot on the electric box waiting for the shit to hit the fan. He’s looking at the sticker of himself, looking at the graffiti. Does it get better than this?!


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