red, white and beautiful

I thought these two signs made a striking pair. The stark contrast in typography speaks volumes about the location each is in. Thanks to Sarah Jaffray for sharing her picture taken in Chinatown in downtown LA. I love the scene going on around the sign, the dull, muted colors and, of course, the awesome typography.

Anyone who has followed this blog, or knows me at all, knows I’m horrible at math. Some would consider it a talent, I’m that bad. That being said (and without breaking out my ruler since I don’t have one, nor do I want one), these two signs look to be about the same size. That’s good enough, right? Yet, the conservative, straight laced mid-western sign takes little risk…unless you count the random holes. Here’s a close up:

Weird, right? Not sure what’s going on with the holes or their purpose…but it sure does make the sign more interesting.


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