door of letters

An entire door of letters?! Score!
I had taken this picture in Cuyahoga Falls, OH and was so confused by it. This is the door to a business called ‘Red Lacquer Room’ which is an auto body repair shop. I don’t get that from the door or the name of the business. But, it’s letters and who am I to argue when letters are involved?!
My friend from college was in Spain a few weeks ago. One evening while I was on Facebook getting more jealous by the second reading her updates of her amazing trip, I get an email from her. Attached to her email were several typography pictures she had been taking on her trip. It was like, in some small (very small) minute way, I was there too. She took the exact pictures I would have taken. Thanks Kelly for taking these (and more to come in the future) amazing pictures! This door to the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is just breathtaking! (I’m still crazy jealous of your trip!) I have never seen anything like this before. Here are some more shots:

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