4 stories of goodness

I’m pretty much spellbound by both of these pictures. The picture on the right is a FontSunday find taken by Catherine Flood. It’s located at Temple Town near Chennai, India. Thanks Catherine (@catontheark) for sharing this picture! I was thinking about a picture that’d make an interesting pairing and nothing that I’ve taken comes close to comparing to it. Then I remembered my friend’s instagram feed. Brooks Burns was a good friend of mine growing up. He now lives and works in NYC and takes awesome pictures as he’s going about his day. I thought of this one in particular as an interesting pairing with Catherine’s picture from India. Big thanks to Brooks for sharing his picture!

The contrasts are fascinating:

  • the architecture
  • the colors
  • the typography (graffiti vs. the more commercial lettering)

I love the TSNM Teleshopping. That M is trying to get away with something. Something bad. The T is oblivious (typical!), the S is onto him and raising an eyebrow at his infraction(s) and the N is acting like she has no clue what all the fuss is about. Love it!

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