chalkboard talent

In my humble opinion, I think writing on a chalkboard is the most difficult thing to do in regards to typography. You can’t mess up without everyone seeing where you erased. You have to plan the letters perfectly for the space all while writing on an imaginary straight line. Needless to say, I have the utmost respect for chalkboard typography, especially when it’s done well. I was on Cary St. bright and early on a Friday morning ready to walk around taking pics and happened into Can Can Coffeehouse. I hadn’t had my coffee yet, hence the blurry pic (sorry!), but I was very impressed with way the board was layed out. I really love the arrow/circle pointing to the barista’s favorite.

The picture taken in Washington, DC raises the bar a couple of notches with this fine type treatment. Can you imagine writing this?! On a chalkboard?!!! I sure can’t. So much respect. Thanks to @designarmy for sharing @geminijal picture.

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