How fantastic are these two images?! They came through on 2 different Font Sundays and I love them both. I thought they made such a neat comparison. Big thanks to my pal Craig Hazan (stellar collection of type on his blog) for sharing his picture taken on the streets of Brooklyn. I love the changing sizes of the letterforms and the way the border is being taken over by the architectural elements.

Another thanks to @thisnorthernboy for sharing his picture taken in York, England. What I love most about his picture is the simple typography and the placement of that period. It’s tucked in so perfectly tight. Such great attention to detail.

I find the way the hands come to an end interesting. The Brooklyn hand seems more chopped. Severed…and yet, still leading the way. The York hand seems more dramatic with the blousy shirt being shown.

Arrows are so overrated! A previous post of mine comes in handy right about now.

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