ghost sign confusion

I think the simplicity of these two ghost signs make them so beautiful. The picture from London is another #FontSunday find. Big thanks to Joshua Ted Millar for sharing his picture. I’m a bit confused by it: Toilet & Nursery Requisites? Photographic Materials? It’s all so random but who cares?! Those letters are hanging in there even though the wall they are on are slowing starting to crumble. It’s just beautiful.

I thought the picture I took in Pittsburgh made an interesting comparison. The lettering is also very beautiful in its simplicity. Like Toliet & Nursery, I’m also confused by the Uniform Mileage. Not sure what that means. It sounds like the name of a band! I love the way Co is handled. Did they run out of room and this was their clever solution? Or was it planned all along? Love it!

2 responses to “ghost sign confusion

  1. The toilet and nursery provisions sign was for a chemists (pharmacy) in the UK. These bathroom and baby products are still sold in chemists and the place that most people went to to get their films developed were also chemists. In that sense the apparent incongruence isn’t entirely as it seems. Check out for regular news of ghostsigns related happenings on the web and elsewhere.

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