museum typography

I thought these 2 museums made an interesting comparison. The snow covered Akron Art Museum located in downtown Akron is an amazing piece of architecture.

Taken from the museum’s website:

Spanning three centuries, the Akron Art Museum combines a late nineteenth-century brick and limestone building with the twenty-first century John S. and James L. Knight Building, a soaring glass and steel structure by the celebrated Viennese architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au.

My pictures in no way do it justice. You can see the photo gallery here. I love the placement and the simple steel on steel lettering, but what caught my eye was the way the snow had piled up on top of the beautiful letterforms. Here’s a close up:

It’s like a crazy drop shadow…gone wrong! Look at the horns on the M’s! Love it!

I thought the Gibbes Museum sign, surrounded by the unwavering heat and huge trees made an interesting comparison to the snow covered stainless steel typography from the midwest. This sign was designed by David Carson. I’ve always been a big fan (understatement) of his work and loved that he lived and worked for a few years in Charleston. Here’s a close up of the sign:

Not the usual fragmented type that we’re used to seeing from him, but for the conservative south, it was a start. Not sure if this sign still exists since they have rebranded since Carson left (why?!) but I’m happy to have this picture.

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