ants, pigs &…puke!

These illustrations totally save the day with both of these signs. A-Best Pest Control. You take away the tool belt wearing ant and what are you left with? A pretty horrendous looking sign. It’s a bit blurry, but his awesomeness is undeniable:

An ant with a saw? and a hammer? and hiking boots? Yes! So the mascot of their company is this ant, which is the very thing they get rid of and the ant is well equipped to help them out? Reminds me of barbecue signs. Have you noticed that almost every single bbq sign has some kind of illustration of a pig roasting over a fire happily waving at you to come on in…or a pig in a chef’s hat about to cut himself up so you can eat it? Honeypie is one bbq sign I have come across that hasn’t made me want to puke. Look how cute she is! She doesn’t look like she’s dying, dead or about to be eaten…she looks like, if you aren’t careful, she’ll eat what’s left on your plate! I love the typeface chosen, such a great fit. Thanks to Judith Mayer for sharing her picture.

See any bbq signs in your area that make you want to puke? Tweet them to me @nikki_vz and me and my vegetarian self will happily write about them.


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