letters on a pedestal

I’m still inspired from the images that came through yesterday during #FontSunday. If you don’t know what #FontSunday is, you can read about it here. There’s a lot to be said for a group of people (from all over the world) tweeting together (from different time zones) all for their love of design and typography. Special shout out to yesterday’s awesome curator, Jonathan Barnbrook. @FontPicker started a pintrest board for each week so you can look through the images that came in, all in one place. Yesterday’s can be found here.

On with my post for today.

Big thanks to Leeza DiStefano for sharing her picture from San Francisco. What caught my eye about this picture was the mash up of letters. I love the E‘s lifted up by stars as if they are on pedestal’s. Even though they are smaller than the other letters, I saw them first. Not sure what’s going on with that A. Maybe he has E envy and wants a star to? There’s nothing worse than seeing a letter covered in jealousy. Grow up!

I thought Leeza’s picture made a great comparison to the picture shared by Tom Nurse during #FontSunday a few weekends ago. Look at that T! The T gets a conservative dot instead of a star. So, so fitting. Ah, love it. Such great attention to detail.

Happy Monday!


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