The American Sign Museum (4 of 4)

Post 4 of 4. I’m hesitant to say I’ve saved the best for last, I’ll leave that for you to decide. I have posted the pictures in the order that I took them as I walked through the museum. This last batch of pictures were taken in the back room of the museum, a space that he uses when people want to rent out a space for a party.

As I walked into this room, I thought since he hadn’t opened this new space yet (it opens June 23), these signs just weren’t hooked up yet. I was wrong.

All of these signs light up. By far, my absolute favorite sign of his entire collection:

It doesn’t just light up, it flashes! Not sure how anyone can look at a sign like this and have their heart not skip a beat. Hands down, the most beautiful sign I have ever seen:

If you’re in the Cincy area, check out all this goodness in person:

American Sign Museum
1330 Monmouth Street
Cincinnati OH 45225

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