The American Sign Museum (3 of 4)

My 3rd post on this museum is the middle of the building where Tod has transformed the space into storefronts. The signs hang above the door as they originally would have and he uses the shelves in the windows to display smaller signs. It’s just amazing the amount he has and how organized his displays are.

Here’s a close up of the window on the left:

This is the window on the right:

Here are some more taken throughout this space:

I love this Jewelry sign. Look at that ring! Holy bling! bling!

A couple of close ups:

I posted a few weeks ago this post so you can imagine my surprise when i saw this:

I asked Tod about it and showed him my blog post and he said that he had hired a man from Pittsburgh to make this portion of the store front look like a building in Pittsburgh. Crazy, right?!

Post 4 of 4 tomorrow!

If you’re in the Cincy area, check it out in person:

American Sign Museum
1330 Monmouth Street
Cincinnati OH 45225


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